La idea del “non-consumption” en higher education

Extraído del artículo “Disruptive Genius” de Harvard Magazine July-August 2014

“Essentially, competitors fight each other when they make similar products and target the same customers. But in the case of disruptive innovation, the established competition typically leaves a virgin marketplace wide open to the newcomer. The disruptor is thus competing not against other suppliers, but against “non-consumption.” It is creating new consumers. “The innovation transforms something that used to be so costly, only the very rich had access to it,” he explains (Clayton Christensen). “These innovations make it so affordable and simple that normal people can do what only the rich and very skilled could do before.”

¿Nos resulta familiar el concepto de non-consumption en business education o en higher education? ¿Podrían ser las MOOCs un ejemplo de innovación disruptiva que se dirige a nuevos consumidores?

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